Why I love catching bass


When bass fishing, it’s man vs. nature. What I like the most about this species is that it puts up a strong fight, allowing me to feel very satisfied once I’ve caught the fish. Another reason I enjoy going out on fishing trips with my friends and family is that I get the feeling that I’m putting free food on the table, provided that my wife helps me with deboning the fish. She’s not a big fishing aficionado, but she sometimes enjoys spending time on the shore along with the kids and me, particularly on weekends, when we usually get some time off from work.

Bass fishing has become quite popular over the years and it’s easy to see why. From what I gathered by reading some info about this type of fish, it seems to be rather invasive, in that it thrives in all sorts of water environments and sometimes even affects the ecosystem by laying as many as 26,000 eggs in every nest. In other words, I’m doing a service to the environment each time I catch a largemouth bass because its spawning characteristics make it possible for this species to become a potential danger to other native ones that already exist in the stream or lake where I do my fishing. I was baffled by the amount of data that I found about the negative impact of this fish on the ecosystem, given that it consumes insects and even frogs, depending on its size.

Another reason I enjoy bass fishing is that it doesn’t force me to invest a lot of money in equipment. While rods and reels manufactured by big brands such as Abu Garcia, Daiwa, and Shimano are available out there, I have noticed that other companies such as KastKing and the likes are also becoming popular, and what’s great about them is that they manufacture reasonably priced gear. If you decide to take up this sport, you won’t have to spend over three hundred dollars on a kit. In addition, most of these pieces are rather easy to install and use, as long as you get the necessary instructions.

In the end, I’d like to point out that bass can be consumed, and it’s a rather healthy fish to eat once in awhile. You can bake it, broil it, grill it, or even pan-fry it if you don’t have any problems with your cholesterol. In spring, when the weather isn’t too hot, I like to tell my wife to bake the fish so that our kitchen is warm from the heat generated by the oven. All you need to do is sprinkle some salt on the bass fillets and add some pepper. Few people like baking the fish in the same baking pan along with the fish, but I’ve noticed that it goes well with veggies such as bell peppers and even tomatoes, if you have some fresh ones. What can I not like about catching and eating bass? It’s a vigorous fish that appeals to my skills and it’s even delicious once you get to cook it.


Why I’m a huge fan of Wayne sump pumps


Once my wife and I had enough money to buy our new house, I started looking for sump pumps. We live in an area where we have large quantities of water every spring, and that’s all due to heavy rains so I needed the best sump pump. I became well-acquainted with several neighbors, and they recommended me some models. Based on what I found out from one of these people, I was supposed to choose a unit manufactured by Flotec, Zoeller, or Wayne. It seems that these three brands are known for constructing heavy-duty alternatives even if they’re quite affordable. They never use cheap components and as such, the motor never risks becoming overheated or other parts leaking or melting in my basement.

One of the first things I did was look these brands up online. I came across their websites, and so I discovered that Zoeller and Flotec manufacture other types of products such as well pumps and pressure boosters. I don’t want to seem a bit conservative, but I was looking for a manufacturer that was strictly focused on designing the best sump pumps for the money out there. For some reason, the Wayne website seemed to me a lot more professional when compared to the other two. One thing I liked was the solution center that I eventually used to select the right sump pump for my needs. I was looking for a simple submersible alternative that didn’t cost a lot of money but managed to get the job done, allowing me and my family to have a relaxing sleep.

Besides, because of my job, I tend to travel from one town to the next. Given that my wife isn’t the most tech-savvy individual on the surface of the planet, I had to make sure that I picked a pump that didn’t break while I was away. I talked things over with one of my relatives and he recommended me to choose the Wayne CDU980E as it did wonders for him. Naturally, I took all the necessary measured to be absolutely certain that I wasn’t getting tricked or anything. I went through each and every Amazon review I came across and quickly came to the conclusion that the product was worth the bang for the buck. One thing that I liked was the fact that this pump is constructed in the United States, which is reassuring to know for a person who doesn’t want to get a cheap Chinese machine.

Aside from the pump specs that took my breath away as I couldn’t believe that this performance was so affordable, I feel compelled to point out that it didn’t take me too much time to install the unit. Of course, I had the assistance of a friend, but even so, the instructions were comprehensive and straightforward, and whenever we stumbled upon an issue, we called customer support. On this note, I can vouch for the customer service offered by Wayne as the people I talked to on the phone were very patient and guided me through the entire setup process.

All in all, this was a great experience, and I’ll be sure to buy Wayne products in the future, as well. I particularly enjoyed the way I was treated by the company representatives. As for the pump, it’s well-made, durable, and convenient, and impressively quiet.

My new toy –the Deeper DP0H10S10-P

Portable fish finders have become more and more popular over the years as people can’t seem to get enough with mobile apps and using their smartphones all the time. In most cases, they’re cheaper compared to their full-size counterparts, which is why they’re becoming so critically acclaimed. I decided to go for such a portable alternative once I realized that none of the options I had available came with a display that satisfied my need for accuracy. A black and white fish finder was out of the question but I couldn’t afford to get a chart plotter that cost around seven hundred dollars. So, in the end, I resorted to ordering the Deeper Smart mostly because I noticed it was compatible with my iPhone 5s, which, in my opinion, has a good resolution. Plus, I have an iPad that I don’t seem to find any use for, which is also a great fit for the complimentary app offered by the manufacturer.

I like to think of myself as a rather versatile fisherman, in that I never say no to a trip once one of my friends proposes it. I’ve fished in various kinds of boats over the years and I enjoy kayak fishing, as well. In other words, what I needed was a product that could satisfy my flexibility. One of the first things that are worth mentioning is that the Deeper Smart costs less than two hundred dollars, which is more than reasonable, in my opinion. Once the box was delivered to my home, I was lucky enough to come across the Deeper YouTube channel, where I watched all the videos that showed me just how I was supposed to use the device. Not all fish finding apps are created the same, in that I’ve noticed that the owner feedback on this one seems to revolve around the fact that it takes the cake when it comes to precision.

I downloaded the application from the App Store and tried out the product along with my iPhone once I went on a trip with my friends. I am enchanted by the way this device works because I’ve never seen the data displayed so accurately before. Believe it or not, I was able to take my fishing to a completely new level by bringing home as many as seven basses, whereas just a week before, I caught just two. The app is very easy to operate and raises no technical issues. I’m not the most tech-savvy person out there, so that was something I had to note. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try out the Deeper Smart when ice fishing but that’s just because the season isn’t right, for now. I’m looking forward to testing out all the functionalities of the app and device per se, as it seems to exceed my expectations up until now.

Zen Living LCDSPA review

Though some people would argue the benefits of the ionic therapy in foot spa treatments, a lot of people have benefited from it and are able to assess the positive effects provided by this procedure. Ionic therapy is not only used by people who have been tricked by well-advertised products, but also by medical experts, with specific training in treating various medical affections. A great number of medical doctors have admitted that undergoing such a therapy might be useful for those following a medical treatment for a severe issue. This is possible due to the fact that ionic therapy is able to speed up the toxin elimination from our bodies, rendering treatment substances and medication more effective.

These being said, if you want a foot spa machine for home use that uses ionic technology, you can trustworthy choose the Zen Living LCDSPA, as it is one of the most reliable products using this technology.  If you have experience in using ionic foot spas, you then know how they work on your body and what to expect from them. However, for those who are not familiarized with such devices, here is how one functions and looks.

The foot bath of the ZEN Living LCDSPA has a rectangular shape and it is solidly built to provide resistance against shocks and potential accidents. For the ionizing process to take place, you must insert the array in warm water combined with sea salt. These elements together will create the environment for your body to release toxins that could otherwise be harmful for the organism.

The Zen Living LCDSPA Provides you with ionic therapy and infrared therapy as well and you can switch through 5 therapy modes, depending on your preference. The first thing you notice when you receive the spa is that is well equipped: it includes two arrays, the water basin, two wrist straps and two infrared belts. Ionic detoxification can have a myriad of benefits for your health, from improving your blood circulation, reducing joint and muscle pain and preventing diseases by speeding up the elimination of toxins from your body.

Due to the great number of accessories with which this product is fitted, you will benefit from a relaxing treatment not only for your legs but for your entire body. You just need to strap the belts around your lumbar area and enjoy the relaxing infrared technology.

The ionic foot spa also includes two extra fuses and a power cable that enables the device to function. The options sector is well-covered too: the machine comes with 5 different ionic detoxification programs that you can change to your own liking. It may sound difficult, but it is not, due to the fact that you will be able to operate this foot spa using the two big LCD screens, with which the item is fitted, a blessing for owners that use an ionic foot spa for the first time. However, if you still need a hand in discovering the options that this product can offer, the spa also includes a simple instruction sheet.

Why I like the JET 354165 JDP-15M

Because I was planning to do some repairs and renovations on my home, I was looking to get a new drill press from JET that meets my expectations. I’m not an expert in the field and don’t think I’ll ever consider myself one, but I’ve had my shot at woodworking from time to time, thanks to a friend. I started my research by going through some drill press reviews, and I quickly came to the conclusion that the model that I had to get was the JET 354165. Since I ordered it from Amazon, I thought I’d be free to return the product if I was unhappy with the way it performed.

Well, I am happy, and I will tell you why. One of the things that I like the most about the JET 354165 is that it’s extremely versatile. I didn’t want a drill press that I could use just for drilling, so I was impressed by the fact that this model can raise up to par whether we’re talking about cutting, sanding, routing, plating, shaping, and any other task I might have in mind.

What’s more, I had to get a unit that was both versatile but powerful enough to allow me to tend to my activity without worrying that the motor would become overheated. Luckily for me, I reached the conclusion that the JET 354165 is nearly invincible when it comes to doing what it’s supposed to do. For one, it comes with a ¾-HP motor. You wouldn’t believe just how significant the horsepower of a motor engine can be if you want to operate your drill press smoothly and in a timely fashion. Secondly, I wanted a model that came with many speed settings, and that’s what I got from the JET 354165 as its RPM can be customized from 200 to 3,630. In other words, I came across no issue when drilling through wood, metals, and other materials.

Another thing that I like about the machine is that it’s sturdy and reliable. Both the drill and the base per se have given me no headaches as I was able to lock down the table in a tight way so that it prevents any movement and thus doesn’t affect my precision. Although my core purpose was to drill wood, I found that this model can drill through metal just as well.

The only minor inconvenience that I came across when dealing with the JET 354165 was that it’s super-heavy. Of course, this isn’t a problem for individuals who have their shop and don’t plan to move their drill press around. However, I found that I hadn’t planned a particular space for my woodworking and as such I tended to change my mind about the location of the drill press. As you probably can imagine, carrying 150 pounds around can be quite a difficult thing to do, so I had to get the help of a friend or member of my family each time. All in all, I’m rather happy with my choice in spite of the machine being so massive. I guess part of its accuracy comes from the fact that it’s actually immovable and won’t jiggle when I do my drilling or sanding.

MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio review


If you are looking for an extremely useful product that provides a multitude of functions, but comes with reduced dimensions and it is lightweight, thus enabling you to take it with you anywhere you go, you should buy the MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio.

If you know a couple of things about the best weather radios and their purpose, you most certainly have heard mentioned that Midland is one of the top radio manufacturers that has always offered its buyers products of an outstanding quality.

The  item weighs 1.2 pounds and it has dimensions of 7 x 5.5 x 2.2 inches. That is why you can keep it inside the house or take it out in the yard whenever you need. The WR300 needs to be plugged in to function and uses an AC adapter included in the delivery package, which you connect to the product using the red jack placed in the back of the radio.

The product comes with audible and visual alarms that you can use concomitantly, or disable one of them, depending on the place in which you keep it. The siren alarm can get very loud, to ensure that even in larger spaces all the people around can hear it, but it may be disturbing in tight spaces, where the visual alarm is sufficient to let you know a hurricane is about to make landfall in your city. The blue LED backlit LCD display indicates the alert type and, when the alerts has expired will indicate EXP to let you know the danger has passed.

The product comes with an intuitive menu,which makes this product easy-to-use even for those using a weather radio for the first time.The item can memorize up to 23 different codes which enables you to receive all weather alerts for the codes you’ve introduced, and it can store up to ten different alarms. However, you can pre-program the device to emit only those that are pertinent for the area in which you live or for nearby counties. And, to let you know the severity level of the alert, in the left side of the device you have a built-in color code alert (advisory, watch, warning) that flicker to notify you what type of alert you are dealing with.

Furthermore, the tiny device receives not only all 7 NOAA Weather Channels, but also weather alerts issued by Environment Canada Weather, for the moments when you decide to take a trip north. Don’t worry about long voyages when you don’t have an electric source at your disposal, as the radio is backed up by 4 AA batteries that can last up to 25 hours. However, for emergency cases when you are in need of more power backup, it is recommended you take with you a spare set of batteries.

Due to its telescopic antenna, the radio is capable of capturing the Weather Radio Channel even when you are at an increased distance from the transmitter.

The item is fitted with an earphone jack and a DC jack if you want to recharge your iPhone. The radio can be used as an alarm clock and it has a calendar indicating the year, month and day.


The best piece of gear for a fishing trip


Even weekend anglers know that the best place to catch fish is often in more remote locations where established campsites are hard to find. While you could leave your spot every night or sleep on the hard wet ground there is a better way. One of the best pieces of gear any angler can take with them on an overnight or extending fishing trip is a truck tent, and the DAC Explorer 2 is one that should be considered.


A Quick Look at the DAC Explorer 2

If your favorite fishing spot is an a more remote location where it is almost impossible to set up a comfortable campsite and you don’t want to waste time on your trip driving back and forth, a truck tent might be just what you need. Many of these convenient tents are also designed for mini vans and SUVs so even if you don’t own a pickup chances are you can still take advantage of the comfort provided by a truck tent.

The DAC Explorer 2 is intended for use with most SUVs, and you can easily check the manufacturer’s website to find out if it is compatible with your vehicle. The tent is constructed from a high quality polyester material that can withstand exposure to water and fire, and it is even resistant to mold and mildew. This is particularly important considering the conditions you will be in will probably be wet. Since the tent is designed to cover the back of your vehicle and turn it into a relatively comfortable and private place to sleep, you also don’t have to worry about bugs, snakes and other critters disturbing you during the night.


You will be surprised at how easy the Explorer 2 is to set up, especially considering there aren’t any awkward poles to attach. This also makes the tent extremely versatile since it can be used anywhere your vehicle can go. Being able to set up camp beside your favorite spot ensures that you will be able to spend more time fishing instead of wasting precious minutes driving back and forth. If you are worried that there might not be enough space to store the tent in your SUV with the rest of your gear, the Explorer 2 folds down to a compact size and comes with a convenient carrying bag.


The next time you are getting ready to go on an overnight or extended fishing trip, consider taking this truck tent along and see if you don’t agree it is some of the best gear to have.

Valentine One Radar Detector review

I’ve always taken care  to have a great radar detector with me when driving at high speeds. For those who don’t know it yet, radar detectors are versatile products that will spot any police radars and help you avoid speeding tickets, even when you cross the legal speed limit. However, because they function using the newest technologies in their field, finding a capable item is a heavy task. Fortunately, you can find products on the market that are fully-equipped to tackle any job they are given. One of these products is the Valentine One Radar Detector that I have bought a while ago and that it’s easily one of the best that I have ever used.

This product has been on the market for many years and has always managed to keep in line with all the technologies employed by police forces and thus, helped many people to keep their driving licenses.

This is possible due to the high-quality technology built into the device that enables it to detect any type of frequency band from the X, K, Ka, to Super Wideband Ka and even Ku band. The result is that you’ll be protected against radars all the time and in any place in the world. Moreover, this product will intercept even laser signals that most products wouldn’t be able to.

The Valentine One uses a double antenna system, one positioned in the front of the product and the other one in the rear. The disposition of the two renders the product capable of intercepting signals coming from the front side and the rear side, including from the area in between these two points. When a police radar alert is intercepted, the item uses red light arrows to point towards the direction from which the signal is coming. The downside to its sharp signal pickup capability is that this item may intercept a great number of fake alerts that will distract you from driving. To avoid creating a stressful driving environment for you, the product comes with a mute button so that you can turn the sound alert off in areas where the presence of speed traps is unlikely.

The product can intercept a number of 9 threats simultaneously and will let you know which direction the signal is coming from. Moreover, if the threat has proven to be a false one, the display of the product will show the letter “J” that stands for junk – meaning a signal you should not worry about.

To enhance its signal intercepting capability, the product uses two suction cups that are easily attached to the windshield or to the rearview mirror. Both places are located in the upper side of your vehicle, facilitating through their exposed position a better interception of incoming signals that are possible police radars. The exposed mounting position will allow you to see whenever a signal is captured, without having to make an effort or turn your eyes from the road.

The design of this model has its origins in 1992 and it hasn’t change too much since. Therefore, if you own an older model, all you have to do to update it is send it to the company and they will endow your product with the latest technology advancements without you being forced to buy a different product.


Dyson DC44 Review


The main reason for which I’ve decided to buy an electric broom is that I have a crowded house, always filled with friends, family and other visitors. As such, no matter how much I try, my house looks like a garbage bin at the end of the day and I am the one who needs to vacuum every night to make it sparkle for yet another one.

Due to the large variety of messes that my vacuum cleaner gathers from my floors, when I took the decision to replace it with a lighter appliance, I knew I needed the extra powerful electric broom with suction power to take over the heavy responsibilities of my former cleaning partner, and one that provides effortless maneuvering as well. After having carefully pondered my decision, I’ve decided to buy the Dyson DC44 that promised to deliver all the features that a quality broom should possess.

To start with, this product is incredibly convenient to use, and I believe those who have been using a vacuum cleaner most of their lives will be able to spot the difference immediately. Its reduced dimensions and lightweight built really simplify sweeping, even if you do it twice a day like I do. Judging by its suction power, its manufacturer designed this product as a great alternative for a classic vacuum. It is fitted with a V2 Dyson digital powerful motor and it uses the Root Cyclone technology to efficiently suck in all debris no matter their size. It is enough to point the broom’s head in the direction of the mess and it’s as good as gone. However, we can probably attribute this to the fact that Dyson has created the item for sweeping pet hair. I have no pets, but there’s plenty of hair around the house, some coming from my friends pets.


You can use the broom at standard or maximum power. The battery lasts about 20 minutes when you use it at the standard level and 8 minutes on maximum power, but you won’t be using it at its highest capability many times. In addition, the battery takes only 5 hours and a half to recharge, in order for you to be able to pick up or you left off. I personally charge it almost after every use. I have a small depositing place near the outlet and I leave it there to recharge for a couple of hours.

Another feature that I was impressed with, was the ergonomic grip that you hold as if you were aiming somebody with a gun, but it is really easy to use and maneuver and its gun-like shape gives a special feeling to the whole sweeping operation. Although its maneuverability and lightweight are given by its plastic built, I don’t see this item breaking easily in the future, and the most exposed to dangers part of the broom, namely its head, includes carbon fiber elements that enhance its shock resistance and durability.

Placed underneath the handle, the cleaning unit has a storage recipient, where all the garbage is deposited. Normally, I’d prefer a larger bin, but its easy to discharge system makes you forget about the size. However, I never have to empty it before I finish sweeping, but I do empty it after each cleaning session and wipe it to keep it clean. All in all, I’m satisfied with this acquisition and it has definitely taken the burden of sweeping off my shoulders.


How to plan your next RV trip so it has the most scenic route.


One of the main advantages to traveling in a RV is that you can take your time and enjoy the trip. Since you don’t need to worry about where you are going to sleep at night, you can plan routes that will take you to some amazing places with extraordinary views. Whether you are planning an extended cross-country trip or a short getaway you want to make the most of your time on the road and this includes the scenery. Here are a few helpful tips that will make it easier for you to plan your trip so it has the most scenic route.

Know your destination.

Before you start planning a route for your next RV trip you should have a destination in mind, even if you are getting ready to drive across the country. An ending point will make it easier for you to plot the route, and it will also help you decide on a travel budget. If it is a longer trip you can also break it down into different segments and plot shorter routes to ensure you don’t miss any breathtaking views. In terms of cooking, there are easy recipes you can cook fast: burritos, simple pizza or one-dash means.


  1. Research the areas you will be driving through.

Once you have an idea of where you will end up, you can start researching the areas you will be driving through. There are several websites dedicated to helping travelers find the most scenic routes in specific areas, and most will also state if the roads are safe for large recreational vehicles to navigate. You can also find and download apps to your mobile device which will help you plan for every aspect of your trip, and most can be set to highlight the routes that come with the best views.


  1. Don’t forget about your GPS.

If you own a RV, chances are you also have a GPS device so you at least know which roads are safe for you to drive on. Along with plotting out the faster and safest route for you to take in your RV, most GPS units can also be programmed to take you on a scenic road trip. Since your vehicle’s information is probably already entered into the GPS you don’t have to worry about getting stuck under low bridges or running into roads that are too narrow to safely navigate so you can concentrate on the spectacular views instead of worrying about the road up ahead. For old people, we recommend articles like this one in order to prepare themselves.

RV GPS devices are typically preloaded with information on campsites, restaurants and service stations, along with including thousands of fascinating points of interest. Not only is it often worth the extra time it can take to get to these recommended spots, a lot of the time the scenic views along the way are well worth the drive.

If you are willing to do a little research and planning before hitting the road, you can easily plan your next RV trip to follow the most scenic route.



Lose Weight Effectively with the Yogurt Diet

Yogurt is often referred as a very healthy food. Basically, the key to a healthy and slim body is to eat only the amount of calories that your body can burn each day. That is why yogurt had been a great option for weight loss because it is known to have less calories, more protein and with live bacterial cultures. With yogurt diet– you can make your body fit and healthy at the same time.

So, what do we have to include in our yogurt diet?

This is something that is very simple to remember- yogurt and oatmeal during daytime and finish it off with a healthy and light dinner.

Eating yogurt and oatmeal twice a day is known to make you lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks! Pretty promising! All you have to do is to remember this fact while creating your diet plan. You need to prepare a cup of oatmeal and 5 ounces of yogurt (Greek yogurt is better). If you want to add a little more taste, then go on with half a cup of berries. This will be your breakfast and lunch. Of course, you should not deprive yourself from eating- you can add a snack (approximately 100 calories). Dinner should be light but make sure you choose the healthy one with approximately 500 calories.

This will sum up to your 1,300 calorie plan. The 1,300 calorie plan is an effective way of losing weight according to the researchers. However, always remember that the metabolism and energy needs of a male is not the same that of a female. Men need more calories – so they must add 200 to 300 more calories.

Not only this, yogurt is also a good diet for burning fat since it is rich in proteins and calcium. This aids your body to have a faster metabolism resulting in more fats burnt each day.

I’ve just bought this quesadilla maker and it is amazing

I’m a person who certainly loves to eat Mexican foods. I have tried a lot of Mexican food from nachos to Mexican rice, and I love everything about it. However, one of the foods that I have tried which made me hook from the very first day until now (mind you, that’s almost 5 years already!) is the quesadillas.



I don’t know what is that specific thing in quesadillas that makes me eat more and more and more until I realized that it is my most favorite food in the whole world. I just can’t take the idea of the filling with melted cheese on top plus the whole wheat tortillas inside my mouth. Yes, it is my favorite to the point that I’ve just bought this quesadilla maker and it is amazing- it is so wonderful that I want everyone to know this magnificent experience, I had in my life.

At first, I was unsure whether to buy a quesadilla maker is a good choice for me or not. After all, I can always make one using my neighbor’s equipment as she is a Mexican and very generous in lending me her own maker. But then again, since I am borrowing her quesadilla maker almost 3 times a week, I already felt embarrassed and decided to buy my own, instead.

Once I decided to buy a quesadilla maker, the next hardest thing to do was to choose the perfect brand that is affordable yet doesn’t jeopardize the quality given. So I made my research and compared the different brands being sold in the market until I settled on one. I chose the Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker.

This particular quesadilla maker can have up to 6 wedges. Its surface is also equipped with non-stick element making cleaning relatively easy. Having my own quesadilla maker makes my life easier and more fantastic as I no longer need to call across my lawn and borrow my neighbor’s maker. I am now enjoying making quesadillas of different flavors every day (yes, every day!) since I purchased this amazing quesadilla maker.