The best piece of gear for a fishing trip


Even weekend anglers know that the best place to catch fish is often in more remote locations where established campsites are hard to find. While you could leave your spot every night or sleep on the hard wet ground there is a better way. One of the best pieces of gear any angler can take with them on an overnight or extending fishing trip is a truck tent, and the DAC Explorer 2 is one that should be considered.


A Quick Look at the DAC Explorer 2

If your favorite fishing spot is an a more remote location where it is almost impossible to set up a comfortable campsite and you don’t want to waste time on your trip driving back and forth, a truck tent might be just what you need. Many of these convenient tents are also designed for mini vans and SUVs so even if you don’t own a pickup chances are you can still take advantage of the comfort provided by a truck tent.

The DAC Explorer 2 is intended for use with most SUVs, and you can easily check the manufacturer’s website to find out if it is compatible with your vehicle. The tent is constructed from a high quality polyester material that can withstand exposure to water and fire, and it is even resistant to mold and mildew. This is particularly important considering the conditions you will be in will probably be wet. Since the tent is designed to cover the back of your vehicle and turn it into a relatively comfortable and private place to sleep, you also don’t have to worry about bugs, snakes and other critters disturbing you during the night.


You will be surprised at how easy the Explorer 2 is to set up, especially considering there aren’t any awkward poles to attach. This also makes the tent extremely versatile since it can be used anywhere your vehicle can go. Being able to set up camp beside your favorite spot ensures that you will be able to spend more time fishing instead of wasting precious minutes driving back and forth. If you are worried that there might not be enough space to store the tent in your SUV with the rest of your gear, the Explorer 2 folds down to a compact size and comes with a convenient carrying bag.


The next time you are getting ready to go on an overnight or extended fishing trip, consider taking this truck tent along and see if you don’t agree it is some of the best gear to have.