Dyson DC44 Review


The main reason for which I’ve decided to buy an electric broom is that I have a crowded house, always filled with friends, family and other visitors. As such, no matter how much I try, my house looks like a garbage bin at the end of the day and I am the one who needs to vacuum every night to make it sparkle for yet another one.

Due to the large variety of messes that my vacuum cleaner gathers from my floors, when I took the decision to replace it with a lighter appliance, I knew I needed the extra powerful electric broom with suction power to take over the heavy responsibilities of my former cleaning partner, and one that provides effortless maneuvering as well. After having carefully pondered my decision, I’ve decided to buy the Dyson DC44 that promised to deliver all the features that a quality broom should possess.

To start with, this product is incredibly convenient to use, and I believe those who have been using a vacuum cleaner most of their lives will be able to spot the difference immediately. Its reduced dimensions and lightweight built really simplify sweeping, even if you do it twice a day like I do. Judging by its suction power, its manufacturer designed this product as a great alternative for a classic vacuum. It is fitted with a V2 Dyson digital powerful motor and it uses the Root Cyclone technology to efficiently suck in all debris no matter their size. It is enough to point the broom’s head in the direction of the mess and it’s as good as gone. However, we can probably attribute this to the fact that Dyson has created the item for sweeping pet hair. I have no pets, but there’s plenty of hair around the house, some coming from my friends pets.


You can use the broom at standard or maximum power. The battery lasts about 20 minutes when you use it at the standard level and 8 minutes on maximum power, but you won’t be using it at its highest capability many times. In addition, the battery takes only 5 hours and a half to recharge, in order for you to be able to pick up or you left off. I personally charge it almost after every use. I have a small depositing place near the outlet and I leave it there to recharge for a couple of hours.

Another feature that I was impressed with, was the ergonomic grip that you hold as if you were aiming somebody with a gun, but it is really easy to use and maneuver and its gun-like shape gives a special feeling to the whole sweeping operation. Although its maneuverability and lightweight are given by its plastic built, I don’t see this item breaking easily in the future, and the most exposed to dangers part of the broom, namely its head, includes carbon fiber elements that enhance its shock resistance and durability.

Placed underneath the handle, the cleaning unit has a storage recipient, where all the garbage is deposited. Normally, I’d prefer a larger bin, but its easy to discharge system makes you forget about the size. However, I never have to empty it before I finish sweeping, but I do empty it after each cleaning session and wipe it to keep it clean. All in all, I’m satisfied with this acquisition and it has definitely taken the burden of sweeping off my shoulders.