Why I’m a huge fan of Wayne sump pumps


Once my wife and I had enough money to buy our new house, I started looking for sump pumps. We live in an area where we have large quantities of water every spring, and that’s all due to heavy rains so I needed the best sump pump. I became well-acquainted with several neighbors, and they recommended me some models. Based on what I found out from one of these people, I was supposed to choose a unit manufactured by Flotec, Zoeller, or Wayne. It seems that these three brands are known for constructing heavy-duty alternatives even if they’re quite affordable. They never use cheap components and as such, the motor never risks becoming overheated or other parts leaking or melting in my basement.

One of the first things I did was look these brands up online. I came across their websites, and so I discovered that Zoeller and Flotec manufacture other types of products such as well pumps and pressure boosters. I don’t want to seem a bit conservative, but I was looking for a manufacturer that was strictly focused on designing the best sump pumps for the money out there. For some reason, the Wayne website seemed to me a lot more professional when compared to the other two. One thing I liked was the solution center that I eventually used to select the right sump pump for my needs. I was looking for a simple submersible alternative that didn’t cost a lot of money but managed to get the job done, allowing me and my family to have a relaxing sleep.

Besides, because of my job, I tend to travel from one town to the next. Given that my wife isn’t the most tech-savvy individual on the surface of the planet, I had to make sure that I picked a pump that didn’t break while I was away. I talked things over with one of my relatives and he recommended me to choose the Wayne CDU980E as it did wonders for him. Naturally, I took all the necessary measured to be absolutely certain that I wasn’t getting tricked or anything. I went through each and every Amazon review I came across and quickly came to the conclusion that the product was worth the bang for the buck. One thing that I liked was the fact that this pump is constructed in the United States, which is reassuring to know for a person who doesn’t want to get a cheap Chinese machine.

Aside from the pump specs that took my breath away as I couldn’t believe that this performance was so affordable, I feel compelled to point out that it didn’t take me too much time to install the unit. Of course, I had the assistance of a friend, but even so, the instructions were comprehensive and straightforward, and whenever we stumbled upon an issue, we called customer support. On this note, I can vouch for the customer service offered by Wayne as the people I talked to on the phone were very patient and guided me through the entire setup process.

All in all, this was a great experience, and I’ll be sure to buy Wayne products in the future, as well. I particularly enjoyed the way I was treated by the company representatives. As for the pump, it’s well-made, durable, and convenient, and impressively quiet.