Why I like the JET 354165 JDP-15M

Because I was planning to do some repairs and renovations on my home, I was looking to get a new drill press from JET that meets my expectations. I’m not an expert in the field and don’t think I’ll ever consider myself one, but I’ve had my shot at woodworking from time to time, thanks to a friend. I started my research by going through some drill press reviews, and I quickly came to the conclusion that the model that I had to get was the JET 354165. Since I ordered it from Amazon, I thought I’d be free to return the product if I was unhappy with the way it performed.

Well, I am happy, and I will tell you why. One of the things that I like the most about the JET 354165 is that it’s extremely versatile. I didn’t want a drill press that I could use just for drilling, so I was impressed by the fact that this model can raise up to par whether we’re talking about cutting, sanding, routing, plating, shaping, and any other task I might have in mind.

What’s more, I had to get a unit that was both versatile but powerful enough to allow me to tend to my activity without worrying that the motor would become overheated. Luckily for me, I reached the conclusion that the JET 354165 is nearly invincible when it comes to doing what it’s supposed to do. For one, it comes with a ¾-HP motor. You wouldn’t believe just how significant the horsepower of a motor engine can be if you want to operate your drill press smoothly and in a timely fashion. Secondly, I wanted a model that came with many speed settings, and that’s what I got from the JET 354165 as its RPM can be customized from 200 to 3,630. In other words, I came across no issue when drilling through wood, metals, and other materials.

Another thing that I like about the machine is that it’s sturdy and reliable. Both the drill and the base per se have given me no headaches as I was able to lock down the table in a tight way so that it prevents any movement and thus doesn’t affect my precision. Although my core purpose was to drill wood, I found that this model can drill through metal just as well.

The only minor inconvenience that I came across when dealing with the JET 354165 was that it’s super-heavy. Of course, this isn’t a problem for individuals who have their shop and don’t plan to move their drill press around. However, I found that I hadn’t planned a particular space for my woodworking and as such I tended to change my mind about the location of the drill press. As you probably can imagine, carrying 150 pounds around can be quite a difficult thing to do, so I had to get the help of a friend or member of my family each time. All in all, I’m rather happy with my choice in spite of the machine being so massive. I guess part of its accuracy comes from the fact that it’s actually immovable and won’t jiggle when I do my drilling or sanding.