Lose Weight Effectively with the Yogurt Diet

Yogurt is often referred as a very healthy food. Basically, the key to a healthy and slim body is to eat only the amount of calories that your body can burn each day. That is why yogurt had been a great option for weight loss because it is known to have less calories, more protein and with live bacterial cultures. With yogurt diet– you can make your body fit and healthy at the same time.

So, what do we have to include in our yogurt diet?

This is something that is very simple to remember- yogurt and oatmeal during daytime and finish it off with a healthy and light dinner.

Eating yogurt and oatmeal twice a day is known to make you lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks! Pretty promising! All you have to do is to remember this fact while creating your diet plan. You need to prepare a cup of oatmeal and 5 ounces of yogurt (Greek yogurt is better). If you want to add a little more taste, then go on with half a cup of berries. This will be your breakfast and lunch. Of course, you should not deprive yourself from eating- you can add a snack (approximately 100 calories). Dinner should be light but make sure you choose the healthy one with approximately 500 calories.

This will sum up to your 1,300 calorie plan. The 1,300 calorie plan is an effective way of losing weight according to the researchers. However, always remember that the metabolism and energy needs of a male is not the same that of a female. Men need more calories – so they must add 200 to 300 more calories.

Not only this, yogurt is also a good diet for burning fat since it is rich in proteins and calcium. This aids your body to have a faster metabolism resulting in more fats burnt each day.