Valentine One Radar Detector review

I’ve always taken care  to have a great radar detector with me when driving at high speeds. For those who don’t know it yet, radar detectors are versatile products that will spot any police radars and help you avoid speeding tickets, even when you cross the legal speed limit. However, because they function using the newest technologies in their field, finding a capable item is a heavy task. Fortunately, you can find products on the market that are fully-equipped to tackle any job they are given. One of these products is the Valentine One Radar Detector that I have bought a while ago and that it’s easily one of the best that I have ever used.

This product has been on the market for many years and has always managed to keep in line with all the technologies employed by police forces and thus, helped many people to keep their driving licenses.

This is possible due to the high-quality technology built into the device that enables it to detect any type of frequency band from the X, K, Ka, to Super Wideband Ka and even Ku band. The result is that you’ll be protected against radars all the time and in any place in the world. Moreover, this product will intercept even laser signals that most products wouldn’t be able to.

The Valentine One uses a double antenna system, one positioned in the front of the product and the other one in the rear. The disposition of the two renders the product capable of intercepting signals coming from the front side and the rear side, including from the area in between these two points. When a police radar alert is intercepted, the item uses red light arrows to point towards the direction from which the signal is coming. The downside to its sharp signal pickup capability is that this item may intercept a great number of fake alerts that will distract you from driving. To avoid creating a stressful driving environment for you, the product comes with a mute button so that you can turn the sound alert off in areas where the presence of speed traps is unlikely.

The product can intercept a number of 9 threats simultaneously and will let you know which direction the signal is coming from. Moreover, if the threat has proven to be a false one, the display of the product will show the letter “J” that stands for junk – meaning a signal you should not worry about.

To enhance its signal intercepting capability, the product uses two suction cups that are easily attached to the windshield or to the rearview mirror. Both places are located in the upper side of your vehicle, facilitating through their exposed position a better interception of incoming signals that are possible police radars. The exposed mounting position will allow you to see whenever a signal is captured, without having to make an effort or turn your eyes from the road.

The design of this model has its origins in 1992 and it hasn’t change too much since. Therefore, if you own an older model, all you have to do to update it is send it to the company and they will endow your product with the latest technology advancements without you being forced to buy a different product.